A guide to current Arizona anti-trans legislature and resources.

Anti-transgender laws have been cropping up in multiple states and Arizona is no exception. This guide will discuss the current and pending legislation and why it's harmful to the transgender and LGBTQ+ communities as well as the state as a whole.

2022 has been extremely detrimental to rights due to the amount of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation that has been proposed and signed into law. While many of these bills have been defeated or amended to lessen their severity, the ones that are passing are still harmful to the community. Arizona has joined 17 other states in banning transgender girls from school sports, has made sex education opt-in, and has members of the legislature actively working to ban puberty blockers and hormone therapy for minors.

The best defense against these attacks is knowledge and awareness. Make sure you vote for representatives who believe in equality and value LGBTQ+ rights.